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macabremag in i_thinkthat

I think that...

.. the majority of the 'Baby P' media coverage is disgusting.

Let me make it abundantly clear that this is NOT anything about the actual 'Baby P' case. It was obviously a tragedy by vile human beings and the whole thing was very saddening and horrific and it just shows the lengths that this wonderful race of ours can go to.

What I AM saying is that a large portion of the media coverage (particularly The Sun et al) is just a sickeningly see-through campaign to get you to buy their grotty little papers without actually giving a shit about Baby P. They don't give a shit! It's always the same formula - they pick a story that will tug on the nations heart strings, chose a catchy name for it ("Broken Britain", anyone?) and then splash their front covers with pictures of the victims to make you feel sorry enough to buy their paper in what you're lead to believe is some kind of act of support.

Unfortunately it doesn't just end there - The Sun ran a story a few days ago about how one of Baby P's torturers is allowed to watch "sick" movies in Prison, such as Hellraiser, Halloween etc. This is just one of countless examples of careless, ignorant, sensationalist reporting in the media. Previously they've linked high school murderers with certain types of music, violently disturbed teenagers with certain types of video games, and now they're trying to impress a link between psychotic baby killers and horror movies into your psyche. I wonder how many of those "psychopaths" regularly read and enjoy The Sun? Not that it would actually have any deep meaning, but that's a survey that's right up The Suns' alley.